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As you may have noticed if you're a regular to the board, I have removed some of the categories in an effort to clean things up. (entirely mini's idea i just did the practical side)

Instead of Big Boss, Any%, Big Boss PS2 PAL & Any% PS2 Pal, we have decided to trim down to simply Any% & Big Boss and use sub categories for PS2 PAL % NTSC PS2 and HDC. In future when submitting, if you are on a PAL PS2 you will select your platform as PS2 PAL and if you are running the HDC, NTSC or NTSC-J version you will select the platform HDC/PS2.

As you may be aware, PS2 PAL to compensate for the lower framrate Snake moved about 20% faster. So it would be largely unfair to have it compete alongside other versions of the game. Bear in mind however, PAL PS3 does NOT offer the same movement speed boost. This is (correct as of my typing of this) exclusive to PS2 PAL. Please make sure you submit to the correct category.

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Board Changes Please Read Before Submitting!
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