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Yes, I'm crazy enough to be routing this and maybe doing a run of it. However there's 1 thing I'm really unsure about... Online mode.

As far as I know, if you had any online resources from a previous save they'll be given back to you in your new save. So you could start the run with a million of every resource and 25m GMP, which in many ways defeats the purpose of getting 100% completion from scratch. So initially I thought about doing the run in offline mode. However this prevents you from using the Challenge Tasks, which would be a fair way to speed things up a lot since it gives you good staff for free.

What are your thoughts on the matter? If there's no good way to be online without regaining those resources, I think it would be best to stick with offline mode. But if any of you have a solution please let me know

EDIT: Actually I just remembered that the challenge task stats are tracked server side, so if you've completed them on a previous save they should still be completed. So at this point the question is, can they be redeemed again or not? If yes, I guess we should just bulk that into "online advantages" and my question is "Is online mode allowed yes/no?". Personally I'm still sticking with no.

EDIT2: This comment has cleared things up a lot. You can redeem all challenge tasks again right off the bat, you keep online developed stuff and you keep online resources. You do not keep your FOB platforms and offline developed stuff.
So yes you could start the run with 25m GMP, 1m of each resource and way overpowered gear. The challenge tasks allow you to immediately fill up your MB with great soldiers so you never have to worry about that either.
In a way this would be a good thing, since you can develop stuff ASAP so you don't have to wait for timers as much, but at the same time it removes the base building part of the run. It would also classify the run as NG+ rather than NG, so I guess the distinction could be made there.


It took me 140 hours to 100% this game (3 hours of which I spent trying to find the freaking Leopard Tortoise). I'd say it's doable, but it would be super long. Way shorter than an Animal Crossing 100%, but my very rough estimate would be 15-30 hours. Do you have an estimate of your own?

I also think the online stuff makes the run a lot more reasonable. Can you clear up exactly what we start with? Is it the same for each person (just redeeming challenge tasks), or does it depend on your online completion? Would a 100% runner have to have an amazing online account, or would that not affect the run too significantly?


20 hours was my very rough estimate, which isn't too bad honestly.

You start with whatever you have in your online stache before you reset your save. Could be almost nothing, could be up to a million resources, 25 million GMP and all the best weapons you had developed (though not all major items are included, as stuff like Stealth Camouflage is an offline development) . As for the challenge tasks, if you've beaten them all it should be the same for everyone. However there aren't many people who have them all. On my main account I'm only missing 1 more for online dispatch missions after 460 hours of playing.

I don't think it affects the run THAT much, it's just being able to start developing platforms/important items right away rather than waiting for the right unit levels and resources, which would take a little while, but it's hard to say how much it saves in the end. I'm still in early stages of routing because it's so hard to find accurate/correct info on side ops specifically


Should be offline mode. Game carries over too much stuff from previous saves for it to be a fair run for everybody.


Good to have another opinion on the matter. So yeah it's unfortunate we won't be able to use challenge tasks, but you need to fulton a lot of soldiers anyway for a certificate IIRC. Just hope the end of the run isn't just waiting for timers (like building all MB platforms which I've read to be a requirement to unlock Mission 46)

Routing this will be interesting. Honestly the routing is probably more fun than doing the run so who knows if I'll ever get around to it haha


It seems that there has still been no attempts aside from Steg DarkHorse's run on Twitch

Really sucks, cause a full 100% speedrun on The Phantom Pain would have been amazing to watch.

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