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How come there is no category for saving all prisoners in Ground Zeroes. Hikari and I have done a couple of runs for it albeit some years ago lol


Screw the prisoners


Thank you for that oh so useful answer.


Screw the prisoners, but I'd like to see how that kind of run would work. When I checked this game's leaderboards for the first time, I was also expecting categories of all the different types of trials as well.

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@Japiapian There just hasn't been much of a demand for something like this much less the trials. This is the first time anyone has suggested such a category. I'm all in for new categories if enough people want them. For now I see no immediate reason to add such a category. Though that shouldn't stop you from posting these suggestions with videos of your runs. No telling what that could spark up.

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@IronInfidel47 Here are a couple vids of what a Save All Prisoners run would look like

My run:

Hikari's run:

@OneCoolMan That's fair enough. Checked the speedrun page to see if anyone else had attempted such runs. I found the any% runs to be too short for me so I did a couple S A P runs on PS3 and then asked Hikari to see if he could beat my time (which of course he did). Did beat my time once I started playing GZ on PS4 but didn't have a capture card for it at the time lol.