Could I use the dolphin emulator to speedrun this and any other game?


I don't know the rules for all other gamecube games, but for this i dont see a problem with it. unless emulator has an advantage over console (i dont think it does)


I didn't think it did either. Thanks for the respond!

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No problem! If you have any other questions about running this game, lemme know and ill answer them 🙂


I know this is a year old topic, but posting here anyway:

It appears that emulator and console need to have some testing done to see if there really is an advantage. The run I submitted was really good, but wasn't expecting it to be that fast. Furry and I have been doing a lot of strat research and optimizations, though who knows how much of the time save is due to Dolphin, or if updated strats just save THAT much. Either way I fully understand making the default filter Gamecube only for now. I agree with it.

I'm going to be getting my Gamecube back soon and I'll try to test some things out and see if emulator does have any IGT advantages.

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Update: I have a Gamecube now, though I haven't tested much yet. What I did test however was disc swapping. The IGT timer still ticks when switching discs, which gives emulator an advantage of several seconds. If you're prepared to just click a single button (Especially when clicking Change Disc and already having disc 2 selected in the emulator before the game tells you to) then you're saving well over 5-10s just from that.

As for other things (Any suggested ideas are welcome) I've yet to test, we'll see. Next I'll try loading the Ocelot fight since it's so simple, skipping the scenes, then saving to memory card and seeing what the IGT says. Reason for that is because of how many scenes are right after beating him. So if the IGT is significantly different when skipping all the scenes, then we can have an idea of how much or little advantage Dolphin has.

I'll edit this post later with more findings.

Edit: Just did the Ocelot test. Save at Ocelot, check IGT, load, fight, skip scenes, save again, check IGT. Dolphin did the entire sequence in 45s, Gamecube in 47s. I got shot in my emulator fight, but that hardly costs anything. So if Dolphin has a cutscene skipping advantage, it seems rather slight. Just a REALLY rough guess, but if Dolphin saves a little over a second over several scenes, then maybe it saves around 20 ish over the whole game?

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I think with some analysis, we can nail down just how much faster Dolphin is. There aren't any other advantages besides fast disc swapping and cutscene skipping as far as I can tell. For people such as myself who can only run the game on Dolphin at the moment, I think the emulator should be allowed but probably be a separate category than console, kind of how the MGS1 board is set up.

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Dolphin Emulator is permited for runs?


Well, we know that overall, Dolphin run gain 1m40 on loading times from what I remember so it depends on the admins i guess.


Emulator runs are just hidden, you can submit them.