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So we can best break down this fight without it getting buried in discord.


I'm testing out using the music for every main action, and so far already got a 5 stun fight in around 10 minutes of messing around with it.
This is what I got already.

I need to work on the first throw still, but I think this has potential. Like if you bob your head or move to the rhythm in some way, you'll be able to spot the cues I'm using.

I notice that once you're within the tank's cannon shooting range when a chaff is in effect, it'll move around. And when we're in that zone we've been screwing with lately, the tank's movement seems to be 100% the same every time on a global timer if you don't move from that zone. So if we stand up at the same timing using the music (After running into the claymore), we'll always arrive at the same area with the tank always having the same movements. At this point we just need to iron out what actions to do at what parts of the song.


Production quality and such isn't my strong suit, but hopefully this gets everything across.

Basically, the strat is to get 4 or more magazines before you fight the tank. The attack pattern being:
Stun -> Mag -> Mag -> Stun -> Stun -> Stun

We've got at least 4 mags to try to land two of them in. Landing any object inside (Triggering the mini cutscene) will allow you to M9 the gunner in the head to do the damage equivalent to a stun grenade landing in there. Even lethal grenades as long as you're able to hit him in the head before it blows.

And here is the basic lineup I mention in the video:
It's not precise and has some leniency. As long as you're getting the tank to turn diagonal and not move. When it's more horizontal, it slides really slowly and makes it hard to land any throws.

None of these throw strats are guaranteed because of how absurdly precise it is to get them 100% of the time, but this strat seems to be the easiest way to get a perfect fight. It is also just as easy to mess up however if your timings or movements are off.

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