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So far, there are just categories for each difficulty and segmented, but I think it is obvious that a lot of people play for the best ranks or just otherwise without kills/alerts/rations/continues etc. Just take a look at runs on Extreme; all have Big Boss rank.

But it is not really fair to have those people compete with others who do not care for the results.That is why it might make sense to have a separate category which would require the best ranking for the difficulty (Extreme: Big Boss, Hard: Fox, Normal: Doberman, Easy: Hound, Very Easy: N/A or just same result requirements as other difficulties).

Other games like The Twin Snakes have such categories as well (e.g. The Phantom Pain PSNK).

The best rank category could even be made harder by, for example, banning rations, body armour and radar, if you wanted to. Game over if captured could be considered for some category too.

And besides, The Twin Snakes does not have an excess of categories, so a few more would do no harm (the original MGS has 30 different categories, TTS has 12, if you calculate console, emulator, misc. etc.).

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I agree that dissimilar runs should not be compared with each other. But we've got along fine as is so far because it's sort of an unspoken rule that Extreme runs are Big Boss runs, and everything else is pure any%. I would imagine as Twin Snakes speed running becomes more popular more categories will be observed.

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I didn't even realize Falcon wasn't the best rank for Normal, LOL.

I see your point Lucky_Rapidflower, However, the consensus in the community is usually against bifurcating the boards into categories unless there is popular demand for it. This was the case with the Emulator category that only came to be after several people expressed interest in it. So I think this will follow the same path, ie, be implemented when and if there's enough critical mass to justify it. If you want to advocate that other people should run best rank outside of Extreme, you can make the case on the MGSR discord, we're usually up to debating things like this.

Personally, I am concerned with speed only and don't really care about ranks, so I don't see myself doing rank runs, but I'd be interested in watching them for sure.

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IMO the only worthy inclusion to the board is All Dog Tags, since the rank run is Extreme. I find Rank 1 on other difficulties fairly esoteric as a //category//

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I see. But I do wonder if getting Big Boss rank on Extreme, instead of being an unspoken rule, should be an actual official rule?


Doesn't that limit people from submitting runs if they aren't good at it yet? No Extreme board in the series requires Big Boss as a rule.