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Hello everyone, I will soon propose my Speedrun on PW, it is on a topic that it is done? I will compile soon I have for the moment MainOps 1 to 16, I miss the 14 that I have not yet done for my video.

I announce my times:

MainOps 1: 1m34s
MainOps 2: 1m45s
MainOps 3: 1m21s
MainOps 4: 1m23s
MainOps 5: 0m46s
MainOps 6: 1m49s
MainOps 7: 1m09s
MainOps 8: 1m14s
MainOps 9: 1m30s
MainOps 10: 1m27s
MainOps 11: 0m36s
MainOps 12: 0m41s
MainOps 13: 0m52s
MainOps 14: ---
MainOps 15: 2m02s
MainOps 16: 0m28s

Otherwise I can propose right away, the SideOps 37 Hold Up with a time of 0m42s:

I thank you in advance and good game at all, see you soon ^-^"


That is a very well executed run. Nice.

Runs are submitted by going to the individual level pages, like this one:

and clicking on the "Submit Run" button.

I look forward to seeing all your times on the leaderboard.

(edited: )

Thanks for the encouragement and advice, I'll wait to get the MainOps 14 to compile the missions of 1 to 16 in video then I will propose them

MainOps 2: 1m43s
MainOps 3: 1m20s
MainOps 5: 0m45s
MainOps 8: 1m13s


MainOps 14: 4m41s Go compile this ^-^"


Update: MainOps 14: 4m40s recompile this xD


Excited to see these runs. Maybe it'll get me back into grinding IL's again. Good luck on the rest of them.


Thank you ^-^", I continue I will publish all the mainops of a sudden, I miss that the 31, I can optimize a few others, the times I have for the moment for the sequel:

Mainops 17: 2.12
Mainops 18: 2.42
Mainops 19: 1.54
Mainops 20: 0.40
Mainops 21: 0.43
Mainops 22: 2.06
Mainops 23: 1.59
Mainops 24: 3.10
Mainops 25: 3.17
Mainops 27: 0.17
Mainops 28: 0.06
Mainops 29: 0.48
Mainops 30: 0.47
Mainops 31: -------
Mainops 32: 0.10
Mainops 33: 0.38

I did all the missions of infiltration in bikini, even the last there is that the 31 that puts me worries in bikini but it will end up passing ^-^"

(edited: )

First win mainops 31 1.51, bikini style ^-^"

Edit: 1.42 for mainops 31, I try to optimize the mainops 32 and it will be finalized. Otherwise I would have liked opinions, it is better to do a compilation of all the mainops on a single video, or a video by mission?


It is finally finished, I made all the missions and optimized at best, remains more than compile under Vegas Pro, remains the choice of format of all mainops compiling on a large video, or one video by mission. It will have to happen in a very short time.

See you soon, and thank you again for your encouragement. ^-^"


One video per mission, so that you can submit each of them individually to the leaderboard.

(edited: )

If you want to see them before it is validated I am upload mission by mission, here is the playlist:

Edit: Finish upload my all speedrun mainops, enjoy ^-^"

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