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Hello, i was wondering if Co-op could be a thing, atleast for ILs ?

While for most ops it would probably play the same, i think it would be different for boss battles, or even the Monster Hunter missions.

So yeah, i'd like to suggest adding Co-Op for ILs.


While I do like the idea of co-op runs, I'm not sure enough would be different to justify doubling the amount of ILs as a lot of them are already empty as is.

If some runs are done I would be fine with adding it


For normal levels Co-Op will most likely always be slower. For boss fights it might be faster if both players have highest upgraded weapons. Post some Co-Op times in the thread and ill add co-op as a IL category.

(edited: )

Alright, i'll keep that in mind for when i get a good partner.

Thanks guys Kappa b


I've never actually done co-op so I'm not too sure how things work. Does the level only end when both players get to the goal or is 1 enough? Also, can both players be in different areas or does the game make you wait until your partner gets to the same loading zone? Depending on those things, co-op could be faster in normal levels too.

Also, I would be down for some co-op runs. If you want, you can join this Discord server to help organize it and have easier communication


From what i know, most of the time both players have to be in the same area, in fact, for going to another one they both have to be very close to the corresponding path.

As for the goal, i'm actually not sure, i used to play co-op years ago, played it again last night but we did main story, and since the missions are giving cutscenes after you do stuff, i can't tell how it works.
Either way, taking out enemies is probably way faster with one or more partner(s), so i'd say most missions where you have to do that would play differently.

Anyway, i'll join the discord server 😃

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