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ɴᴇᴡ what video quality is the minimum to record a speedrun?by j0taj0ta
ɴᴇᴡ Is PCSX2 allowed (2021) ?by SpaceDoggoSpaceDoggo
ɴᴇᴡ What does NG mean?by DrewdactylDrewdactyl
ɴᴇᴡ Why isnt the ps2 and ps3 runs not in the same catogory?by LEE_-_-_TEALEE_-_-_TEA
ɴᴇᴡ HD Edition PS NOW Categoryby NH3DONH3DO
ɴᴇᴡ what exactly means multi segment?by andresfgp13andresfgp13
ɴᴇᴡ Is there guide play this game?by [Deleted user]
ɴᴇᴡ MGS 3D auto AldontAldont
ɴᴇᴡ MGS3D QUESTION!by AldontAldont
ɴᴇᴡ Why static camera?by AvalanAvalan
ɴᴇᴡ Ripping Unpatched HD US Disc to SSDby Major_ZeroMajor_Zero
ɴᴇᴡ Is the ps2 emulator allowed ?by FairstriferFairstrifer
ɴᴇᴡ Leaderboard updates (new updates as of October 3rd 2019). by [Deleted user]
ɴᴇᴡ The Painby SilentMartyrSilentMartyr
ɴᴇᴡ It is time to change and add so much thing !by sons_of_anarchy88sons_of_anarchy88
ɴᴇᴡ I got a problem :( help?by MrWangMrWang
ɴᴇᴡ Speed running rulesby slumdog5000slumdog5000
ɴᴇᴡ Auto Aim HSby OneCoolManOneCoolMan
ɴᴇᴡ Which version for speedrunningby 666Deadhunter666Deadhunter
ɴᴇᴡ Hikari 1:20:09 Foxhound Single Segmentby AzuAzu
ɴᴇᴡ Regarding a 3ds version runby kliusklius
ɴᴇᴡ NEW Glitch while fighting The Fearby GuiasMaurelChileGuiasMaurelChile
ɴᴇᴡ Why is there no verification needed for runs?by JessAetherJessAether
ɴᴇᴡ The cave directionsby MrWangMrWang
ɴᴇᴡ Locked: Voting to Merge NG and NG+by Major_ZeroMajor_Zero
ɴᴇᴡ Locked: The End Skipby ApacheSmashApacheSmash
ɴᴇᴡ Locked: difficulty segmentationby [Deleted user]
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what video quality is the minimum to record a speedrun?
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Is PCSX2 allowed (2021) ?
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Voting to Merge NG and NG+
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What does NG mean?
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Why isnt the ps2 and ps3 runs not in the same catogory?
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