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COMPLETE EDIT: Hey all. I've decided to edit this whole post so that the rules are more set in stone. I'm sure there are more things to be added/clarified, but here's a better write-up of the rules for the time being:

'S-rank' conditions:

- Beat the initial top score
- No kills
- No discoveries

These are prioritised in this order for reasons explained below.

Should mistakes be made, it's acceptable to restart from the beginning of the mission or, in the case of longer missions, from the start of the current area. The timer must continue to run. The mistake will cost time, but the run does not have to be completely restarted because of one error. However, the current mission/area must be restarted.

The 'top score' condition simply means that the top score that 'ships' with the game must be beaten.

The 'no kills' condition is very straight forward; no enemies may be killed.

The 'no discoveries' condition is a little more complicated. For the 'S-rank', a 'discovery' is defined as incurring an 'alert' or anything that results in the classic Metal Gear Solid alert sound. This makes the conditions more severe than the Big Boss rank conditions which were simply to avoid alert statuses. Under the S-rank conditions, the player character must not be seen or heard by an enemy unless the enemy is 'held up' (which does not count as a discovery, of course). 'Caution' statuses are acceptable.

Some missions seem to make it impossible to achieve all three conditions. In these cases, the 'no discoveries' condition may be ignored. Should the mission still be impossible, the 'no kills' condition may then be ignored, too. This is mainly concerning Raiden's Alternative Elimination 05 in which going for 'no discoveries' results in a failure to beat the top score due to an unavoidably slow time. There are unlikely to be many more missions like this one, but the order of priority has been decided as written above.

CHANGE IN TIMING RULES (2017/08/02): Time starts upon selecting the first mission from the missions menu and ends upon selecting exit at the end of the last mission (the same timing rules as any%). To restart a run, one must exit to the menu before restarting the timer; it is not acceptable to restart the timer along with pressing 'restart' on the pause menu. This is because the loading times are different and so one would provide an unfair advantage over the other.

IN-GAME TIME (2017/09/21): We feel that in-game time is more accurate at displaying runners' achievements and so here are the rules for in-game time. Manually figure out your time spent in each mission (by subtracting your remaining time from the start time) and add them all together. Failed attempts (continues) must also be added.

EDIT REGARDING NO DISCOVERIES: We've realised that it's possible for the sound effect to occur at the same time as the player character entering the goal. We've decided that this voids the run unless it occurs on a mission in which a discovery causes failure (Sneaking Mode, Hold Up Mode, Elimination Mode). This is because it would be difficult to judge which happened first (mission clear or discovery) on other mission types. In the case of the modes mentioned above, a discovery automatically causes failure so it is clear that the game did not register a discovery if the mission clear screen shows.

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A sort of S-Rank condition

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201xx iirc for Raiden Elim 05 no perfect stealth, no top score 🙁
EDIT : By "no perfect stealth" I mean I tried to get Sneaking bonus, but was spotted.


Yeah, totally. Let's just call it that; S-Rank.

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Added it as a separate category and made the other category be called Any%. Also edited the rules to link to here for this category (S-rank). 🙂

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There's a problem with the "Beat the initial top score" rule, I'm pretty sure the initial top score was actually changed between different versions, if you look at this video of PSG-1 Level 3 as Raiden: which was played on the original Xbox version, you'll see the initial top score was 19,000 Points, but if you look at this video (Skip to 1:35), which was played on different version (not sure which one, but it has a different top score) the top score is only 17,500.


Nice find, but personally I don't see this as a problem at all. Like on other speed-games that I've been following -which had required time/score differences just like this one- it just gives certain versions an advantage over another.

Aaand that's about it. Nothing needs to be changed imo. 🙂

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I don't think there's something to be changed neither imo, I'll need to discuss with the staff. Furthermore, you can clearly beat the initial 1st place on your version.
But, yeah as Marlon said, nice find anyway, thanks reporting this to us.
If it still remains a problem for you, we'll manage to find a solution. (^^)

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Hey guys. I thought I'd change the timing rules to match any%. Hope to be back running again soon.

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Added some basic rules for in-game time. Changes may be coming.

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edit: nevermind... reading is hard