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I've had quite some fun creating these images and icons for the site (re-)design. I've tested them all out on another game page that I moderate and the result is great (If I may say so myself :P).

Everything's working fine on different screen sizes now! I even created a additional, transparent Foreground layer of moving hexagons to capture the MGS2 (VR) feel a little more. Just enable fast Foreground scrolling for that. SeemsGood

So here you can find the images in original quality:

I'd suggest using 4 icons for places 1 - 4 instead of just 3. Starting with the blue VR Target (Platinum) and then going over Gold, Silver & Bronze.
Also I think the light blue speedrun Logo fits the best due to various reasons, but feel free to take another one.

Other than that, I hope you'll use this design and maybe change some of the site's links, headers etc. to a fitting colour like light blue. Kreygasm

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Added all the images and changed the text colour as you can see. Looks good. Kreygasm Thanks for making the images and icons. 🙂

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Thanks and no problem. I'm glad I could contribute to this. 🙂

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