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Metal Gear Solid 2: VR Missions Forum  /  Penalties for failures in single segment runs?

Hi everyone. This is mostly concerning high score single segments. I know they're not really a thing on this site, but it's how I'd personally like to do my runs. I was thinking the time of a failure could be added on to the time of a successful run for a given mission?

Let's take Raiden's Sneaking Mission 1 as a simple example:

Run 1 - Get caught by guard after 3 seconds (failure).
Run 2 - Complete the mission in 8 seconds (success).

Now you must add the 3 seconds on to the time of the successful run which will lower your time score. Ammo remaining and kill/sneaking bonuses for the failed run won't affect anything (only the successful run will matter for these).

Anyway, I think this is what I'm gonna do to prevent picking and choosing the best run from 10 attempts of the same mission. Ideally, you won't be failing missions anyway. Would like to hear your feedback and am open to suggestions. Cheers!

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In my opinion , this is not a bad idea but I think that just simply ignoring them would be better . Like if you are doing high score single segment for Raiden Sneaking missions as an example , if you fail at Sneaking 8 you would have to reset and start back over with Sneaking 1 ( this is assuming that if this category were a thing it wouldn't be RTA but the sum of the scores for every mission ) . If continues would be allowed than your idea would be pretty good and it would especially eliminate the need to RTA time it but I think that especially for a category such as this continues wouldn't be such a great idea ( if we are talking about small categories like only sneaking missions/weapon mission/variety mission etc.) I am not a moderator of the this board so this is strictly my personal opinion
Also if you think that I didn't understand something correctly , please bring it to my attention

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I think using in-game time is the standard which makes sense as it's already entirely built in and eliminates time losses for menu-ing, etc. I think that ignoring fails has a couple of issues. First, you could just fail on purpose until you perform the mission satisfactorily. Second, if continues aren't allowed then failing a mission towards the end of, for example, a Raiden All Missions run would require the runner to start from the beginning of the entire run, rather than just adding a small penalty to the run as a whole which would probably wear runners out. And yes, you're right; sum of scores for every mission.

In the example I gave in my original post, you'd have to add the 3 seconds onto the 8 for a total of 11 seconds, and then consider this to be your completion time and would have to manually adjust the score. I don't think that would be too much to ask considering you're already gonna have to add up your mission scores individually anyway. Having said all that, I'm not sure what the current system is. I'll have a little look at the rules.

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