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Quick question for mods: is it frowned upon/bad etiquette to submit a new PB to the leaderboard when your overall rank does not change?

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Not a mod, but, of course not.

You are totally free to submit PB's no matter which rank you get, even if it's the same rank as your last PB. It is not frowned upon, and probably never will be. Really, ranks in MGS are just for flavor, all we care about is your time...your sweet, juicy time...

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The time itself matters,not rank. If you feel that the run is better than your old run then you should submit it. And as snow said ,the rank doesn't matter unless you are going for a specific rank .

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Yeah the rank makes zero difference. Submit whenever you'd like, even if you only improve by a second every time. We encourage the activity. More often than not if you stay on the same category, you will always have the same rank unless you are going for Rank 1 (example: Big Boss on Extreme/European Extreme).