DS4Windows controller profiles for DualShock 4 controllers. (external link)
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Randomizer for the PC version. Randomizes difficulties in each room. See instruction in ZIP download for more details. (direct download)
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The ultimate save pack for PC. Contains saves for all difficulties and for a variety of situations. Radar off, quick change: previous, and name: MGSR in all saves. (direct download)
All Snake Tales completed for PC version to be able to do NG+ runs. (direct download)
Developer save for the PC version. (external link)
Saves for the PS2 Versions of Substance. Included are a NG+ and NG++ save from JP (SLPM-67002) & PAL (SLES-82009) & US (SLUS-20554) region games. Use uLaunchELF to move the saves from USB to a MemCard. If your code does not match your game they still might work. (direct download)
A new updated save pack for VE only ( PC ) . Contains saves with all previous items , general items and menus to perfectly reflect what you would have at that point in an actual speedrun . It also contains saves for different scenarios like Emma Escort w/ and w/o swim glitch and bomb disposal with the 2 conveyor belt routes. (Radar Type 1 , quick change = previous , MGSR as the name ) (direct download)
Very stable and includes lot of extras for ASL VAR Viewer, such as Alerts, Kills, # of Rolls/Cartwheels and much more along with pre-made splits. (external link)
External link for V's fix for the PC version of MGS2. V's fix is essential to make this version of the game run on modern PC's with widescreen support, controller support & more. (external link)
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