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Hey guys, I've been looking at the boards lately and have seen that there are a flood of normal runs and also normal runs that are very close to Slade's pb on e-ex. Pretty soon it seems like normal runs will surpass the e-ex runs in terms of time and I was thinking if we would put Very Easy , Easy, Normal, Hard, Extreme and E-Ex into separate categories all runs could look impressive without them being for instance in 5th place. Hope you guys agree with me. - MalwareHurts

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I wouldn't be opposed, would certainly give me a good reason to finally upload my EuEX runs.

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Personally, I think this would only be appropriate for European Extreme/Other Difficulties. If you have leaderboards for each individual difficulty, you're just going to end up with tons of empty leaderboards that are never gonna get filled.

It appears to me that running this game would be divided between running on E-EX, since it is the hardest difficulty, and then just running easier difficulties purely because it's faster to do so. There's no actual differences to how the run fundamentally works between difficulties, other than things like guard placement/vision, number of RAYs, etc. Speaking from my own perspective, I would LIKE to learn and run this game myself, and would see myself running E-EX since it's the hardest difficulty, and then probably just Very Easy to get the fastest completion time. I just don't see much point in running anything in between, unless I'm really missing something.

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I don't like the idea of splitting them up, src has a filter which let's people who want them split up to split them up, but doesn't force people who don't want it split up to have to view it split up.

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I think you are missing something drako 😛
Scroll down to the bottom and it lists e-extreme and extreme differences.

This is just the 2 hardest difficulties of course but if you take normal and hard or very easy and easy I'm sure you will also find it is the same situation with differences. Also, there are many runs for each difficulty, the only leaderboard that would be empty is easy (I dont know of any easy runs anyway) and then maybe hard would only have a few runs but I feel it is definitely worth separating them all even if you can do it with variables.


In that case, would it not be more prudent to add Rank as a variable, such as Big Boss? Also, it does list the difficulty differences, which I did acknowledge exist, it just doesn't seem like anything FUNDAMENTAL about the run changes, since most of the changes won't make a big difference in a speedrun setting such as number of hits to knock out a guard, tranquilize time, etc. The only thing that leaps out at me is the distance that guards see and hear, as it may make certain routes impossible to use.

When I referred to solid difficulty differences, I was more referring to stuff like boss health/the number of RAYs. Currently the leaderboard rules make no stipulations about Very Easy being banned, but the RAY count is only 3 on that difficulty I believe, which saves a LOT of time, coupled with bosses in general having lower health.


There is a rank variable "you doofus" ~ StrafeMachine (didnt say it but i guarentee he would say that OpieOP )
Can i whisper you on twitch to explain all of this? 😛

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They are fundamentally different. 😛

Anonymityhope ms ps3 hd 1:24:24 very good run

SnakeEater132 ms ps3 hd 1:15:58 bad run

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Normal is the same way too just look at hikari193's run

This beats Slade's no loading trick run, is also no loading trick and is also a bad run.

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I just wanted to explain why difficulties needed to be separated, thats all.
I didn't expect a kind of Spanish Inquisition!


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Drako doofus LUL
lmao Edge
Yes there are a lot of differences. Normal/Hard would be regrouped maybe ?
Otherwise, all other difficulties would be separated, imo

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Locked because this is sorted now 😛