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Hey, I just noticed that "Game Over on Sight" (GOoS) and "No Game Over on Sight" (NGOoS) categories don't exist in the leaderboards. On Hard mode and above there is the option for the game to end if being discovered. I know the most popular category is the NGOoS but I think that there should be the option to pick the category when submiting a run. If a moderator can do it, it would be awesome. Also it should be fair to add "Very Easy" and "Easy" difficulties as well cause there are some runs out there on Very Easy. These are just suggestions I thought of. If people agree and it can be done, it will be good I guess. Thanks.

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I also think Very Easy and Easy categories should be added since I'm learning to run Very Easy. I didn't even know GOoS was a thing. I also think that boss survival should also be a category even though it may only be available in Substance, also maybe the Snake Tales and VR but I don't know.

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Good thinking PrinceRallis, I totally forgot about these. I'm for it. Also, difficulties should be added to the individual levels "Tanker" and "Plant".


I also think that all difficulty levels should be added, since I made 7 minutes and 51 secondes on Normal. (For information : I made 7m50s on Very Easy)

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I want to completely reorganize the site to make everything nice, and up to date however every time i try to get mod I'm ignored so I'm not sure what to do. I've tried to contact Pac but he's gone for a while as far as i know.