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Hi, I'm hikari193. I'll try to run this game again.So, please tell me more about loading trick.
If loading trick used, until when can you using it?
That is, once using loading trick,you can play with this trick until ps3 is powerd off,aren't you?
One more question, when you reach the oil fence,you can use loading trick right away by killing Ema. Is this right?

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Yeah, play all of Tanker-Plant up the oil fence then kill Emma and press exit on the mission failed screen. Then as long as you don't soft reset (R1 + R2 + L1 + L2 + Start + Select) or reload the game completely via home button or turning off your ps3, you will keep the loading trick effect. So just make sure to get a game over / mission failed screen and press exit each time you want to reset. (Apparently it does eventually wear off after a long time so you would have to "refresh" the loading trick by doing the process again).

For single segment / no save runs, you can have the loading trick work up to just before entering the elevator that starts the cutscenes leading into arsenal gear if you die and select exit at that point.

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I'll try to play the way...Thanks!!

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Sorry, please tell me two more question.
How long is it valid? How long can you shorten time approximately by using this trick ?

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I'm not completely sure how long it does last as I was only told briefly about it and have not tested it myself. Maybe somewhere around 3 to 7 hours before you would have to redo the process to refresh / regain the loading trick?

it saves about 4 to 5 minutes on single segment / no save and about 8 minutes on multi segment / with saves.


Loading Trick wears off at Arsenal Gear