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I'm also shocked. I just made 06m21s IGT. Uploading video on YT, and my run got rejected (06m23s).
It's the fastest difficulty ofc, from VE to Normal.
Now I have to learn the Tanker in Normal. E-Ex too hard 🙁
EDIT : Normal seems to be... Normal for me. Will upload a test run soon.


The leaderboards used to be separated based on difficulty, we could add back VEasy and Easy and separate them like that? I mean they are technically different runs, different room strats and boss strats. This method is used for Twin Snakes leaderboards.

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I agree with MiniOmegaKing. Should having VE and Easy back as a different category.


Not every difficulty has to be a different category. It can just be a variable to show which difficulty was used. If someone wants to do any% on (Very) Easy they should be allowed to. Considering how many people have asked for this, it's unreasonable to keep it banned

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This change happened just as I uploaded a VE run a couple of months back in the low 1:30s. As frustrating as it was, it was decently easy enough to just learn the new route and keep on improving. I can kinda see both sides of the coin, but having been denied a good run as the rules were changed, I kinda feel like adding them back would be a little cheap, personally.


This occurred about 4 months ago now, and nothing has been done about it. Without a doubt this is just clear poor moderation at this point. There is no legitimate reason to have Easy and Very Easy banned. The run is different based on what difficulty you run so European Extreme runners have nothing to worry about. In fact in 100% honestly no one is gonna care if someone beats the European Extreme WR on a lower difficulty. It's not gonna be all that impressive or even something people will look at and take strats and ideas from. Why? It's not on European Extreme! Most of the techniques done in a Easy run can never be done in European Extreme. It just won't happen. And again, why is that? Well, it's because the run is hugely different based on what difficulty you run on! This isn't that hard to figure out.

Banning VEasy and Easy is just a decision made by the moderators because they personally don't like it. I don't like running on Easy or VEasy, but I would never let my own personal bias get in the way of making the rules fair for an entire community. This thread is making the MGS series moderators look rude and is in general making the MGS speedrunning community look poor. I love the MGS community. It's the most welcoming and helpful speedrunning community I've ever been a part of.. And this view and arbitrary banning is making the community look elitist and rude. Please change this.

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Reminder that banning difficulties is stupid to begin with.

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I changed the MGS3 board to just any% and have had no complaints. As said above the EEx WR holder is not going to care if someone beats them on a lower difficulty. It is much better to have everyone on one non arbitrary leaderboard then split it into mostly empty categories.

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Also noticed that none of the mods run this game (good shit right there), so someone should deffo make a mod request.

I think I tried to contact all of said mods when trying to get the MGS3 board changed and none replied. This is supposed to be the first step before requesting mod status. Think we could do with new active super mods and remove the old ones...

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We would need 2 more mods here (for example Mod 1 and Mod 2; if Mod 1 wants to submit a run, then Mod 2 must verify it)


Update to the issue in this thread: Very Easy and Easy runs are allowed once more! If your run was deleted, please resubmit it to the leaderboards.

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Wow, MOK is a mod as I wake up. Congratulations !

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🙂 YES! thank you mini Kreygasm

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Locked because this is sorted now 🙂