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Hey MGS2 HD Community. I was playing MGS2 and subbed 1min 34secs to get the Snake Beater Dialogue/Achievement! I think this would be a fun run if everyone got on board! I'm not sure how to submit a run for a new category that doesn't exist yet as I'm new to speed running so any advice and tips would be welcomed and greatly appreciated

Also for those who don't know what the Snake Beater Dialogue/achievement is, When playing as snake, open a locker with a picture of a girl in it, don't get in the locker or it won't work, go into first person and just stare at it for a bit then call Otacon. When you do this snake will be doing something "interesting" and Otacon will make some funny comments. After this interaction you get an in game achievement called "Snake Beater"

This is how the run would work...

1. Start a new game any difficulty
2. Time starts when selecting the radar type/difficulty
3. SPEEDRUN through all the scenes and dialogue with Otacon and get to the nearest poster and stare at it in first person view
4. Call Otacon triggering the dialogue and the run ends as soon as the call ends

Rules: You can skip all cinematic and dialogue the only dialogue YOU CAN NOT SKIP is the call you make to Otacon, that audio/clip has to play in order for the run to be valid.

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It would be better to submit this to the category extensions board ( ) as that board was made for runs like this (these types of meme like or really short runs have a very low chance of getting added to the game's actual board).
If you write this in the category extensions forums , explain the run in a lot more detail , explain the rules and you record a run and post it in that same forum , there is a chance of this getting made into an actual category.
Good luck with getting that accepted!

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