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Hi everyone, I'm new to the site and just started my adventure of speed running this week so a complete novice. I chose Metal Gear as it's a game i'm very fond of and also very familiar with. Hopefully I've posted for help in the correct location, please tell me if otherwise. I need advice on a certain part when you first enter the tank hanger from the vent.I use a chaff grenade to distract the guard before entering the elevator which I see most speed runners do in this game, but the distraction never seems to work and I always get caught. Do you have to be absolutely 100% precise on the location of your throw? Thank you for reading and I appreciate any advice that can be given 🙂


It's likely that the guards have a specific detection range, and that you're just not doing it close enough. I don't run this game myself but I follow it pretty closely, including TAS development. I could ask Theenglishman if I see him around, but I'm going with a preliminary "You're not close enough".


Thank you for the response, I have another question if anyone would be able to answer. How do you change the in game subtitles from English to Japanese? Thanks


I think you can't unless you have the japanese Integral version


Well dang. Thanks for responding 🙂


You can actually get the chaff on top of the tank on NTSC (not sure about PAL though) you might be throwing it too early, as it needs to land close enough for the guard to hear it and investigate it.