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Been practising on emu for awhile, ordered discs and they finally showed up. So I tried the discs on my NA PS2 slim, however, I'm having a really unique and weird issue where whenever I pin up against some walls, and whenever guards alert, there's this considerable lag/slowdown that makes the game pretty much unplayable. I did some tests with a friend, I tried a 75k and 77k PS2 models, he tried his 79k, and the results were the same. I wanted to believe this was my imagination, as viewing other runs on PS2 (even on a 75k as I found a run of that on YouTube) there are none of these issues. I tried to play the game normally, until the prison guards bit, where the lag/slowdown is EVEN WORSE than before, the framerate is easily below half, and there's no explanation as to why this is happening. Google returned 0 helpful searches, we've been testing and trying to discover what's wrong for about a day, until my mate suggested I should post here while he searches for help elsewhere.

If anyone has any information on why this could be happening, please let me know, I KNOW this isn't normal (like another friend tried convincing me), the lag wasn't even there when I played this game on a fat PAL PS2 many years ago... So I'm clueless, haha.

Thanks for your time mates.

EDIT: Here is the VOD of my friend testing the game on his 79k, if you skip forward to where the elevator comes down, he alerts the 3 guards and while running around in front of the elevator, you can notice what I mean: now imagine this but EVEN SLOWER - that's how it is as prison guards. Not normal, right?!


Hm, I've actually never seen this kind of lag before, not sure what the issue would be. Sorry,


Yeah, I thought it was odd. At first I thought I was overlooking something, like my PS2 model or something, but research quickly told me that's not the case. Then also not being able to find anything at all about this issue confused me even more.

I've gone ahead and contacted the seller (of the discs) and they've been very kind as to offer to send a replacement, right now it seems waiting another 3'ish weeks and testing the new copy seems to be the only course of action.

My friend mentioned (purely as speculation) that it might be something to do with the "greatest hits" version, which so far, seems to be the only idea that we haven't ruled out. It's a shame I don't have a black label copy available to see.

Thank you for the reply mate! Even though you haven't seen it before, telling me is still helpful, I appreciate it. 🙂