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1. God mode

Currently only a PC glitch due to the way item swapping works. I don't have the PS1 version to test alternate methods of activating this glitch.

So in the PC version of MGS you can quick swap weapons by using the number keys on your keyboard. After testing with my friend plywood_ who is a speedrunner of the game, we uncovered god mode. We are only interested in number 9 and 0 which is Chaff and PSG-1 respectively. 9 because it's obviously closer to 0 and we need 0 because like the weapons glitch, PSG-1 breaks the games mechanics.

To perform the invincible glitch:

1. Have chaff in your hand (or press 9)
2. Press 0 and then quickly press 9 again
3. You should now be in god mode state
4. You will notice you cannot equip another item or weapon but this is fixed by simply pressing first person view
5. Every boss or encounter area such as the comm tower a stairs is now a joke 😃

As you can see after messing with Raven, the glitch is cancelled after every new area or cutscene is activated.

2. New comm tower oob method

Update to the old method found by Magnum66:

Improvements over old method:

1. No backtracking for Stinger since we never need to remove it from inventory (as shown at the end)
2. No need to do weapons glitch at all
3. Never even have to climb any stairs 😃

Again a PC only glitch for now, will try and reget the game on PS1 again for testing. The technique is similar to what I just uploaded where we abuse the PSG-1 and quick item swapping for invincible mode.

1. Face away from the loading rigger you want to clip past
2. Press 9 to get out the Chaff and crouch (seems easier when crouched)
3. Now alternate between pressing 0 and 9 which will shuffle him past the loading trigger, press it semi fast
4. Once past it, make sure your last mash is finishing on 9 so you have Chaff out
5. Walk off to the left and fall down, luckily we are near the Snowfield load trigger (think of this step how you would do the vent out of bounds and go into the torture room loading trigger)
6. Press 0 to deactivate the glitch (he will automatically go into PSG-1 mode). Seems like you need to do this so the Snowfield door trigger works

This technique works for any trigger in the game or door where there is a loading trigger behind a door. It's basically out of bounds for every room in the game.

Big thanks to Plywood_, it was a good team effort. He found the method and it was my idea to try it to skip past door loading triggers.

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The original discovery of the technique still applies and has utility as well, though minor in comparison to entering God Mode and skipping Tower B. Entering the God Mode state allows you to skip triggers, thus enabling you to skip codec calls on the lifts in the Underground Maintenance Base.

Depending on when you swap between the PSG-1 and the Chaff Grenade, the animation will cause you to move forward, backward, or nowhere at all. We just found crouching and then rapidly pressing 9 and 0 the easiest method.

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Yeah, I've been considering running this game for a while. It's installed, I dabbled with the intro, but was on the fence. This seals it. I'm running this game.

Thanks guys!

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It honestly just seems like you need to interrupt the frames when snake lies down in the trigger and that will completely disable loading triggers until you reequip the PSG-1. Found another little timesave aswell:

You could do the same in Wolf Caverns plywood. Takes out Wolf RNG and obviously no box now. 😃

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Did a mock run with the new skip. Got a 43:45. Didn't do any of the super optimised strats and was really bad overall. Decent run would be around 41 minutes.

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Been messing around and figured out how to get to the door across the Blast Furnace. No more crane, yippee!

You have to load in the Blast Furnace area before getting to the door, otherwise you'll run around the void if you try the front door/stairwell. You can also go in reverse (i.e. load in the area, go back up the stairs with the technique, then walk around), but that's slower.

Sub 40 here I come 😉

P.S. It's worth mentioning that if you get lost while the camera is not on Snake, you have two options. 1. Enter First Person Mode and walk around that way, or 2. swap to PSG-1 and then unequip it after entering the scope; doing so should recenter the camera on wherever Snake is. Results of 2. can vary depending on what area of the game you do it in, where Snake is, etc.

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God damn you plywood stealing my ideas. 😃


Beat you to the punch 😉

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New keycard abuse using this method:

Any room that deloads the area outside is abusable. Seems like you need to be a decent enough space away from the door for it to deload though.

If you do this method on the B1 entrance door (area where you get Nikita), all 6 of the key card doors have no collision for some reason... weird.

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Two big discoveries today:

1. Weapons glitch is now obsolete, put away your grenades and C4 😃

We can monkey into the trigger and skip Wolf 2 now. It's about 2 seconds faster than weapons way if done correctly and no "did the glitch work?" now. Watch ply's eventual sub 40 run for the video.

2. Completely figured out quick swap (and showing it working for blast furnace door trigger)

There are basically 2 states with quick swap:

1. Switch between Chaff and PSG-1 really fast. This will only give you invincibility aka god mode
2. Crouch and then switch weapons. This gives you invincibility but will also not trigger any loading zone for snake until you reequip the PSG-1. Perfect for comm tower b skip and blast furnace skip as shown here (the loading zone of course being the door)

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I'm patiently awaiting a full run with these new tricks that I can study. I haven't even begun running the game, so having these new tricks in a full run would help me immensely.

You guys are awesome, by the way! Looking forward to staying a few minutes behind you on the leaderboards! 🙂


Hey Mack, I will be doing runs of this category on Twitch. Here's a run (though a bad one for dumb reasons) that showcases the concepts of this thread.

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I'd post in the discord but public is probably going to be seen by more people, plus this is going to be a long post. I'll explain everything I THINK is happening with this glitch and how it could be used on PS1.

So this glitch is basically weapons glitch... but it's not. It's a more simpler version but fortunately for us, a better version. With state 1, the reason it doesn't remove triggers is because in stand mode, you can still walk around and hit triggers. If you get state 2 which requires crouching, you remove triggers. Why? Simple. The programming team cut corners. No need to spend days of the development cycle to program load trigger activation for a crouched Snake since he can't move unless the player inputs a direction such as laying down or standing back up which is then when load triggers flag is set.

When we activate state 2, the game gets the invincibility from doing the normal state 1 method, but because the flag we set from crouching is never rechecked, we get no load triggers. This is why reequipping the PSG-1 fixes it. Game says to itself "I'm prone and can hit loading triggers again, set the flag".

If my understanding is correct, the only thing you need to be able to do for this to work on PS1 is activate the weapons glitch while Snake is in crouch mode. That should theoretically work just like what the PC quick swap achieves with 9 and 0. It would obviously be a slower method than PC but it it still saves stair climb, descent and the walk back up to get the Stinger. Small time saves like the underground passage skip wouldn't be viable though.

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man, this is crazy
ur doing gods work here


Nice scientific analysis, Thrillness. The theory is great. Someone might try to do this on PS1 to confirm it working.


The first sub 39! 🙂 Thanks in large part to the efforts of Thrillness.

There's a couple of new things to this run. First, breaking the trigger on the roof of Tower A allows you to skip the cutscene when you run on the roof. It also speeds up the fade to black for the cutscene where Liquid blows up the satellite dish.

Another important note about the glitch: going prone acts just like going into the PSG-1 scope to reactivate triggers. Thus you'll see me doing so when waiting for the Keys to cool or freeze, or on the roof of Tower A to activate the satellite dish exploding.

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Speaking of discord, anyone got a link?