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Hello, I'm learning this game and currently looking for some help on some of the tricks on disc 1, I've got to the part where I need to skip the "love blooms" cutscene and I need to put C4 on the ground and blow myself up. How does this trick work?

Next is the box trick, how does this work, if there are videos that I have missed explaining them I'd like that very much.

Finally the Sniper Wolf skip, but I believe this goes with the first question (same setup from watching runs).

I'm also running on the PSTV version of the game, so that needs to be added to the list, it's most likely the PAL version, how much time will I lose running PAL over NTSC as I won't be able to get the NTSC version easy.

Last question, any general tips that aren't really obvious that I can save time on?


My knowledge here may be a little shaky, but I'll explain to the best of my ability:

Cutscene skip: I believe this utilises a trick called Weapon Glitch, in which you end up with the Stinger equipped in the wrong slot. When you have the Stinger/PSG1 equipped, the game forces you into First Person View, during which you can't interact with specific triggers (I think.) So with this in mind, you use weapon switching and damaging yourself in a specific way to trigger Weapon Glitch when you switch from Stinger to Chaff Grenade, and the game thinks you still have the Stinger equipped whilst you visually have the Chaff out, retaining full control. I may be getting some of that wrong, so I apologise if I am, a runner can probably explain it better than I.

Box trick: This works because the game simply doesn't expect you to be able to get to the boxes from behind. By the time you're able to get behind them, you're supposed to have triggered the 'love on a battlefield' cutscene, which stacks them on the left. Whilst they're unstacked, you can simply run onto them from behind, then fall off the side all the way down the elevator shaft. There's nothing special about this trick other than that the game doesn't expect you to be able to walk there, and that there's no fall damage programmed into the game for situations like this.

Sniper Wolf skip: This is basically the same thing as the cutscene skip: You trigger Weapon Glitch with the PSG1 instead of the Stinger, and then run past the damage trigger whilst you're in a fake FPV. Once again, I may be ENTIRELY wrong about how the actual mechanics of that work, but that's the basic idea. I hope this clears up some questions and gives you an idea on where to start.

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Drako most of what you said was on the money. There's a tad bit more too it but the general gist is there. Odyssic if you want tips on how to actually do the glitch MGSlade has a explanation in his channel bio on twitch. That should help. Same goes for "Box Trick" as well but that ones simple so not a huge explanation would be needed.

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For the box trick it is simple as mini said but you have to be careful with your movement so that you don't run too far and fall off the box on the other side where the elevator is because then you will get stuck and will have to get a game over to continue or do the weapon glitch and hind skip again 😛

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Hey, thanks for the help everyone, just some quick follow up questions as I've finished learning the tricks.

I managed to do the weapon glitch but after a lot of trial and error, is there a certain amount of time I should spam buttons for? I felt like I should have got the trick but didn't for whatever reason.

Box trick seems simple enough but whats the best way of getting it? It takes me a lot of tries and when I finally get it, it doesn't feel like I did anything different to the other attempts, is it just random or do I have to get a feel for it?

Thanks for the help again, having fun learning so far.


When you get the weird camera angle (or maybe slightly before that?) start mashing all the buttons and spinning the left stick until the camera goes back to normal. As far as i know it is frame perfect so you have to input a button/direction on the right frame or it wont work 😛 but with all the mashing and spinning it is not too bad.

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From the little amount of learning I did, there are specific positions you have to be in for the box trick to work consistently. I go by the position of Snake's foot on the stairs. If you watch the WR video you should be able to figure out the general area you should be in and just try to find positions that work for you from there.

And yea, for the weapon glitch you can stop mashing when the camera goes back to normal it seems. Again, from the small amount of time I tried, you kinda have to delay the inputs for detonating the C4 and removing the item. It didn't seem to work when you do them both at the same time, for me anyway.

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Ah yes, I understand the weapon glitch now, seem to get it every time now (in practice, will be a nightmare first run 😛 ) and I understand the box glitch a little better and why people just run straight at it, I went on top without even realising, pretty neat.

Thanks everyone.