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Hey guys thought I'd bring it up just because i finished watching the newest submission for All Bosses and couldn't help thinking that we might need a category just for PC players cause as hard as it was to watch the run he did complete the run in the time advertised, but i can't help feel like the PC version has an advantage over any console with codec calls being skippable and virtually no load times between cutscenes, so before we go accepting any more PC runs we have a decision to make do we accept the run and just leave the categories as is, or do we make a new category for All Bosses (Console) and All Bosses (PC) just to separate the PC from Console runs. What do you guys think any thoughts let me know down below and we'll make a decision on the process asap.

My opinion like twin snakes i think the PC version is just a little to much different from the console versions to allow it to complete along side the console times, but I'll let you guys decide how we approach this in the near future.


I don't think they should be separated, if you want to see runs that aren't on PC there's always the console variable that you can change. imo, that should always be first choice over making an entirely new category just for one run on a specific console.

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I totally understand and agree with what your saying I'm just trying to point out that console times will never be as fast as PC for this category when the perfect console run just got beat by PC in one of the most casual runs I've ever seen so thought I'd point it out there.

2 Major Differences On PC vs Console
Skip Codec Calls 1 Button Push
No Load Times

so this mean effectively every codec calls gets PC players free saved time over any console run and this isn't seconds of time saved this can be up to a few minutes per codec call skipped depends on length of the codec call being skipped.


I'd rather not make a new category just for PC. I think that'll be a last resort, we could make PS1 runs shown by default and PC hidden? Although idk if you can only hide 1 console and show all the others

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I disagree with hiding PC runs by default. This would imply they're somehow less valid than console runs.

Rather, I think it would be a good idea to use subcategories so you don't end up with 2x the amount of main categories while still showing there's a significant time difference between the versions

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Yeah I do as well but I kinda forgot about subcategories lol


all valid points which is why i thought i'd bring it up figured between us all we could think of something.


The reasons for separating PC runs from the mix seem completely valid, but why are emulation runs lumped into PC runs?

Emulation doesn't give you the PC advantages of no load times or codec skips. In fact, isn't the PS3 version essentially an emulation of the PSone game itself?

On a related note, is MGS: Integral not available in EU on PSN?

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I propose the categories of consoles, emulator and pc