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Last night I discovered a major time save for the PC version while practicing! During Grey Fox's speech, I got a windows notification that brought me back to my desktop. When I returned, Grey Fox's speech immediately finished and I went to REX 2.

I call this Dialog Skipping or Alt+Tabbing. When in full screen mode, certain sounds/lines of dialog will be sped up/skipped by alt+tabbing to desktop then alt+tabbing back to the game. In certain cases, it actually advances the script forward, where the next line is said earlier than it should.

There's a lot of possible time save from this trick, the major one is skipping the Grey Fox monologue (~30 seconds). I've been compiling a list of lines where this trick helps. So far, more time save is in All Bosses then Large Skips, but the research is nascent.

At the same time, there's a huge risk of soft locking the game if done at the wrong time. For instance, alt+tabbing before Grey Fox begins saying his speech will cause no dialog to happen.

Another thing to note, the IGT continues to tick even when at the desktop. In other words, any potential time save with this trick must be greater than the time it takes to alt+tab out and alt+tab back into the game. For me that is roughly 2 to 3 seconds.

Here's a video clip demonstrating what I mean.

Example of a soft lock and another time save:

I hope I explained this well to you all! As long as the mods are cool with it, I am excited to utilize and experiment with this time save method. A sub 50 time in this game is possible with this technique, I think.

tl;dr PC version is faster than once expected through the magic of going to the desktop during dialog

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this is rather interesting,excited to see more of it. see no reason to ban it.

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Nice find man!

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After talking with different people I honestly think this trick should be banned. How effective this trick is seems to depend on what OS you have and what graphics card/monitor resolution you have. My friend told me his monitor refreshes itself after each alt+tab so he can't do any of the tricks. It can also just generally be weird as Ply found out today.

It will be sad to see the 30 seconds from Ninja dialogue skip reintroduced but out of fairness to all runners depending on what PC configuration they have, I think it should not be used.

Best to get rules in place now before runs get super optimised with this trick to a point they are not beatable.

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The lack of consistency with alt+tab is pretty annoying and makes me frankly okay with getting rid of it and banning window/game exiting that saves time. As much as it's cool to save a few minutes with this trick, I wouldn't mourn it's disappearance. Some days alt+tabs are way faster and do not kick me back to desktop, and it's inexplicable why that is.

This would mean my current posted runs are null, but that's okay since I haven't even posted a time yet with the new glitch methods outlined in the other thread.

Edit: I will say though I wish there was a way to work it out and gain some kind of consistency to alt+tabbing. Like I think someone could use cheat engine or look at the game somehow to see how it works, build a third party application/script to enable it to work for everyone? I realize people may be uncomfortable with that sort of thing, but there are speed running communities that allow for such apps/scripts/etc. for tricks that are inconsistent between rigs or setups. Regardless of how we decide it I will post my notes to the forum for historical/comprehension purposes of where it saves time.

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