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Thanks to, SolidSnake11, we now know how the In-Game timer works for MGS1.

So far we know:

The in game timer is based on a frame ticker. 60 frames = 1 second. Framedrops/lag affect RTA only & not your IGT.

Loading, codecs, cutscenes all count, as we knew before, however, pressing the PAUSE button stops the timer.

The timer starts at the main menu but resets at difficulty selection, we think lazy coding on the developers part, because the menu has a frame rate the ticker counts those frames. But it’s coded to reset itself.

After the end screen where ocelot finishes his phone call starts to fade out, the timer stops counting, that’s about 18 seconds to “score” and explains the disparity.

That’s what we know so far, but this is pretty important info that’s why I’m posting it here! If we find out anything else one of us will post here. 😃

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