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Hello everyone, I'm trying to speedrun this game on PC and while messing around with hotkeys I noticed that I was able to hold a Nikita during a cutscene. More precisely, the cutscene where Meryl walks through the minefield. I was surprised, since normally you couldn't hold it because of the Jamming area, so I tried again after the cutscene and the Nikita was disappearing after 1 second. I tried holding the "4" key on my keyboard and magically I was able to hold it AND to use it!
Unfortunately, there was a problem. The missile was uncontrollable, like it was ready to explode but I tested it on the long passageway and it was able to reach the very end.

Here's a video about it:

I have no experience about glitches, so maybe someone who has more experience with these could find something to make it useful. More precisely, in an All Bosses run it could be used to defeat Wolf and delete completely the backtracking for the PSG-1, which could be obtained after the torture room.

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You can hold a PSG1 on in-game elevators cutscene (Raven), iirc. Nice found, I don't think it will work but if it does, then Kreygasm

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Cool find, interested in seeing if this could be used. Only issue with this is routing out Nikita ammo for Raven if it actually worked to kill Wolf 1. But without control you can't move it up the staircase.

And no, if this actually worked it'd shave minute or two off the run. Going back to the Armory is real hassle and finding a way around going back would be worth it. Only issue is that you still need to pick up the PSG-1 at some point, so you'd have to go to B2 after torture.


The idea was to find a way to make the missile controllable and to elevate it with the little staircase to the right, otherwise the missile can't hit Wolf because it's too low and even if it could, it would be always a lucky shot.

About the Nikita ammo, it could be retrieved along with the PSG-1 in the same B2.

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There are 4 boxes of ammo inside the north-east room:

You can even get the Nikita itself from there if you backtrack after the M1 Tank, but that's pretty useless.

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Before saying something is or isn't, please investigate yourself, Fox. We don't want to shoot down other people's suggestions and information.

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I do wonder looking at the video is it at all possible to let the missile detonate under wolf and damage her that way.. hmm. also would like to retract and apologise for my prior posts, they were unneeded and unfair.

The real trouble would be having enough missiles to defeat her and if your ammo limit is barely enough it could be a very risky strat, assuming of course it works. It's defiantly an interesting one, even if it doesn't work here, it could be something for other bosses maybe?

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Thanks for the apologies, I appreciate them!
Anyway, I tried already to detonate the missile right under her feet but it doesn't work since there is a concrete wall between the missile and Wolf. I also tried to detonate it by hitting the pillar to the left, but it doesn't work either.
About the ammo, you should have 11 missiles at that point, which should be definitely enough if you land them all.
I tried using it against Fox and he was avoiding its explosions like every other weapon, so I don't think it could be used elsewhere.

But I came up with some useful info, and it is that the exact thing that makes the missile uncontrollable is the interference only, not the fact that you can't use the weapon in a certain area. I tried using it in the Nuke Building 1, (where you aren't allowed to use any weapon, but the radar is working) and the missile was controllable without any problems. In fact, if you throw a chaff and then you use the Nikita, the missile will be uncontrollable until the chaff is on.
So, in conclusion, in order to use the missile against Wolf, the only way is to fake the interferences into a normal area.