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By "some skips" do you mean large skips? if that's what you mean it's called large skips because you use skips that skip large parts of the game. The reason why they aren't called "Any% Easy" is because that would create far too many categories that people aren't going to submit times into.


Yes it would, but the community calls it Large Skips due to All Bosses being "any%" prior to the skips being found.


Just to throw in my 2 cents it should be renamed Any% for true Any% and All Bosses for the all boss categories, clear and cut which category is which in this case. Much love and respect to the MGS runners.

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It's already clear and cut what it means. No reason to change the names of the categories. Large (not "Some") Skips means you do skips. All Bosses means you don't.


Alright lets explain technically there would be 3 categories to this game, Large Skips(Any%), All Bosses(Low%), and 100%.

Any% or Large Skips consists of using glitches to skip major boss fights.
Low% or All Bosses means you'll have to fight each boss along the way.
100% would consist of obtaining all items and defeating all bosses (not including bandana or stealth)

considering nobody runs 100% and no major rules have been established at this time for the category we are left with just Low% and Any%.

Prior to Large Skips route being found all bosses was considered the any% of the game. Now with the new route in place Large Skips has taken as the Any% route, but to less confuse the MGS community it was called Large Skips instead of Any%. Now I do agree that consistency from game to game should be kept when it comes to categories this is just how they have been named for years and if we changed it now sure new runners would maybe understand more or less which route Any% should be considered, but for those who actually follow speedrunning this game it may confuse those few veterans.

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WTF man ?!
The categories are written clearly enough, imo.


Well said VGR.

I don't understand why you wouldn't push to Any% and All Bosses (Low% sounds more like as little items as possible run).

Any% - beating the game as fast as possible no matter what. makes perfect sense
All Bosses - beating the game as fast as possible but with the need to kill every boss in the game (There should be a detailed rule section on how this one works more so than any%, they both need it however)

I think those 2 very much exemplify what the category is asking for in the basics of the speedrunning world. I understand the purpose for how they were named but categories do change when new warps and such are found (EG: Mega Man 1 - Any% Is actually about 4 minutes long and All Stages is the category that used to be Any% but the name got changed to All Stages because that's what the previous Any% category became when true Any% was found)

It's an ever evolving thing speedrunning so keeping categories as simple and direct as possible is good.

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VGR, I'm confused on your explanation of the category names. First off, you said that All Bosses would be "Low%" and that doesn't make any sense to me. You grab more items in a All Bosses run then in a Large Skips/Any% run. Second, for 100% you said that "Stealth Camo and Infinity Bandanna" wouldn't count towards the goal of 100%. Why is that? They are items too, and even then, you said that we must obtain all items in the game for 100% to be given to us. Do you mean pick up an item just once and have it in your inventory or did you mean have full ammo on every single item/weapon? To top it all off, if 100% counted the stealth camo and infinity bandanna, then a 100% run would just be an All Bosses Big Boss run.

Rottdawg to answer your question about looking for an Any% route, there really isn't one. Just learn the glitches done in the run and do them. As far as general strats go, make up your own or use ones that other runners. Of course this depends on the difficulty you are running on, so make sure to factor that in as well. You can ask me any questions about the run you may have, or even better ask Slade the questions, and we will be happy to help you. Maybe I (or someone else) will get around to making a couple tutorials for certain areas of the run that might cause trouble, but in general it isn't that hard of a game to learn.


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I don't agree that the category names are clear. Just looking at the name and the rules, I had the following three questions that I wasn't able to answer simply by looking at the leaderboard and its rule page.

1. This category is Large Skips; what are the large skips?
2. If this is Large Skips, are there Small Skips; what are they?
3. If the rules need a disclaimer saying "This category is essentially Any%" then why wouldn't you rename it Any% and save us the need for the explanation?

If you want things to be clear, you need to not make people rely on searching through forum posts for answers. i'd suggest updating the rules to reflect what the category really means. Doing so might attract more players, whereas being protective of the old ways and being resistant to change may scare people off and/or piss people off, neither of which is ideal. Instead of getting mad any time someone comes around confused about what the categories are, act like you're doing the MGS community a favor by working to remedy that confusion not just for this one guy, but for anyone else who may end up confused in the future.

Just speaking for myself here, but for a game as epic like this to only have four people at most on any one leaderboard is really sad. The game is great; is the leaderboard? IDK about that one.

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I don't disagree with you that the category is essentially Any%, and should be named as such. It would be more clear that way. Though I don't think that's the reason people don't speed run this game. A naming convention shouldn't prevent people from running this game in comparison to other factors (e.g. tedium of the run at the end of Disc 2, fastest console version has to be imported, etc.).

Just because Any% evolved from All Bosses, I don't see why that history should be relevant to clear naming conventions that apply to speed runs. I'm sure there have been other games that one category used to be Any% until other tricks were discovered.

Anyway, here are my answers to your first two questions.
1. For console, the Large Skips are the following: going out of bounds into the torture room to skip everything from the Meryl Guard encounter to Sniper Wolf 1, the Hind-D boss skip in Tower B, and the Sniper Wolf 2 skip in the snowfield.
2. I would consider small skips ones that apply to All Bosses but do not prevent you from defeating all the bosses. These include (again, for console) the out of bounds to the canyon before the Tank fight, and the out of bounds in the caves, This is how I think of it, maybe other runners have a different thought process.

P.S. The organization of the board changed recently so that difficulties were divided up. It used to be that all difficulties were on the same leaderboard for LS and AB. Hence why the boards look so empty now.


After discussing it with the present community for this game, Large Skips has been renamed Any%. This was done to bring MGS1 in line with general naming conventions of speedruns. The rules for the category have not changed in any substantial way.

I know some of us will use the names interchangeably, but for the general public of speedrunning this will improve understanding.

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