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Hi guys I've been curious about something for a while.

If you were to do Boba skip then you will skip the rappel sequence. So say you do this and then go on to defeat the hind as normal before returning with the rope to the roof. Will the rappel sequence then start with the now defeated hind?

Also, I imagine not, but since the cutscene doesn't play out of liquid destroying the tower walkway, is this walkway still in place if you do Boba skip? And if so can you walk between tower tops?

These questions have been on my mind for ages 😀


The rope doesn't seem to do anything at the top of comms tower b


The game takes place in a series of events and if any events are skipped, the game catches up. The very next event after Boba is the cutscene with Otacon in Tower B, so as soon as you hit that, Tower A's roof will change to catch up essentially.

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Ah I see. Thanks so much!


After you beat Hind the door to the roof is broken and closed, so you can't go back to the roof and do rappel after defeating the Hind.