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Hello, I'm a German speedrunner who currently learn the speedrun of MGS (one of my all-time favorites ^v^). The tutorial video of Jaguar_King helped me a lot, so thank you very much for it!

I use my PS classic because of comfort reasons but now I have an annoying problem:
when I reach the rex fight or the cutscenes before it, the MGS rom on the PS classic crashes almost everytime.

To avoid the crash at the cutscenes I wait a second and don't skip them immediately. That works well.

But I don't know how to avoid the crash at the beginning of the fight. The time is enough to call Mei Ling to save the game legally but I still have to reset, change to CD-2 and load the save to continue my run.

I will continue on to experiment with it to avoid the crash but for now I want to ask you, the MGS speedrunners community, if someone has the same problem with the PS classic like me.

Maybe someone of you has an idea what I can do. I would be very grateful if you can help me.

(btw my German version of the game for PS3 or PS one is crash-free but a lot slower because of PAL; I tried it ^^")

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No personal experience with PS Classic but one MGSR runner did mention having crashes with it. Also as I understand it games on PS Classic have a ton of issues and are overall not very good. I’d suggest making a JPN or US PSN account and purchasing there to be honest!


Yeah, the only person who tried running on PSClassic had crashing issues. It is a poor port. You are better off making a Japanese account and getting integral digitally on PS3 or PSTV, playing on a pc emulator, playing the pc port, or really anything besides PSClassic.


Oh, really? Jeez... -.- Ok, thank you for your answers!

I will make a Japanese account for the integral version and give it a try. I'll get back to you when I submit my first run. Have a nice day! ^v^