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Hi there!
I am Upside(DOWN)
Metal Gear Solid on the original playstation was one of my favorite games. As a child I recall beating it many times back to back just for the fun of it.
I have been watching many videos for around the past two years and in the light of the upcoming FFVII remake release, I figure I should finally try it out and see where it takes me, As Final Fantasy VII and I have unfinished business...
Anyways, I figure a good segway into doing something I am passionate about like this would be playing a game I loved in my youth, And I pick MGS1.

My questions about this are..
Are we limited to a single version of the game? EG: English/Japanese
And is there a rule to what platform can be used? EG: PSX, PS3, Emulator.
Very interested in this game giving me my first ever video speedrun times.
Hope to hear back from the community!
Best Wishes and Good Health -UpsideDOWN

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Nope, no restriction on version. You can run either language or any platform. PC is separated on the leaderboards from console. PlayStation TV (PSTV) is the fastest version for console.

If you want to learn more about the speedrun, I highly recommend joining our Discord: https:/​/​discord.​gg/​4vrB3Kb

Look forward to seeing you on the boards!

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You're awesome dlimes13!
Thanks! See you there soon.

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