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Like plywood said, a 2.5 min cutscene skip does not = instant best time. You need to be somewhat competent in the game as well. Tomma is current WR holder, but he did not get there just because Integral, he got there from playing well, i don’t see any good reason to separate them, because of a cutscene skip

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Even if you add the time on I save from using the integral version I would still hold WR in both easy categories.

I do understand that version differences and console differences do make a significant difference but that's the case in a lot of games from the "older" generation.

For example in Ocarina of Time in 100% there is a massive advantage to playing on N64 using the 1.0 cartridge because of an exclusive glitch but they don't separate thier game into different categories for different versions or platforms.

At the end of the day we are still speedrunning the game which by definition is completing a challenge as fast as humanly possible and if that's from using version differences then so be it. Let's go fast!

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I mean frankly, even if you separate Integral/NA/PAL etc, emulator will still be slower than PS2. So should we separate PS2 from everything because it’s the fastest console version?... no..

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Here's what the epsxe settings should look like. Misc. is your preference, along with window size. Important things are - Frame Limiter and the Resolution & Color Box Settings.

Make sure CPU overclocking is set to 1x !


ePSXe 2.0.2 is now allowed for speedrunning

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PSXFIN 1.13 is not allowed for speedrunning. This emulator loads too quickly, and does not accurately emulate lag present on the original CD-ROM.

EDIT: Just for clarification, loads for intro were compared against US on ePSXe 2.0.5


Pete's Open GL is now allowed for running on ePSXe 2.0.2 - 2.0.5. There are no apparent load differences or inaccurate lag emulation. If anything, the lag increases on Pete's. Any runs declined in the past for Pete's will retroactively be examined for approval. Compatibility options can be set as you wish. Any weirdness in loads and lag that don't simulate original CDROM will be rejected, just as before.

I still recommend the ePSXe GPU core 2.0.0, as it overall performs better, but that is up to you.

On a separate note, if you set your priority to high in Windows Task Manager, it can remove the hitching that happens in gameplay on occasion for ePSXe. This is allowed.

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Hey there! Just wondering if we are able to get Beetle PSX HW added to the approved emulator list. It's a heavily modified fork of the Mednafen emulator and runs in RetroArch. I've done some load times to the best of my abilities using the opening load and the Gray Fox codec load. There would definitely need to be some consistency in options, the main ones being that all Overclock options would be disabled, CD access Method would need to be on Synchronous and CD Loading Speed on 2x which is native speed. Everything else shouldn't have an affect on speeds that I could see. Also the times might be off by a few frames. It's what I get for using a free video editor. 😃


Thanks for sharing!

I'm unfamiliar with using this fork of Mednafen and the options available to you. A set of screenshots could be helpful with that. As far as I can tell, the loadtimes are similar to other emulators, which is a good thing. If you do a run, I can look at it more closely, especially since I don't know how it runs in game.

What release of the game were you using to test?

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All good, funnily enough I saw in Discord people talking about it and yeah, you can speed it up for faster loads which is handy for casual gaming so that would probably be something to watch out for if it was approved and runs were submitted under it, unless we start considering comparing emu runs to ps2/pstv speeds.

I'm running Integral NTSC-J and hopefully these screenshots of the options I'm using show up. I'll try do a run in a few hours after work however I'm not very good so it may be a long watch. Also for the versions of RetroArch and the emulation core, I'm running RetroArch 1.8.4 and the core is Beetle PSX HW ( 58e4fae)


Edit: Of course I do a run, improve on pb and forget to hit record. -.-

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Did someone try the ePSXe 1.9.0? I found out that game "Driver 2" is somehow faster than on ePSXe 2.0.5. I dont know how about MGS but this can be advantage for 1.9.0 users. I was able to be faster about 25 seconds in 10 minute run (talking about driver 2) just because I used older ePSXe version, It was less laggy so someone interested can try compare it...

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that’s the reason 2.0.5 is what’s allowed & not earlier versions.

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Hey sorry it took me a moment. I've done a run for the Beetle PSX HW emulator contained within RetroArch that I actually recorded coz it was live on stream haha. I've found out Software Rendering can crash the game though pretty late in the run. 🙁

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DuckStation is approved for speedrunning Metal Gear Solid and is the recommended emulator to use over ePSXe.

Required settings for SDS:

Console Settings
CPU Clock Speed Control Disabled.
Read Speedup: None (Double Speed)
Use Read Thread (Asynchronous) Unchecked

Emulation Settings
Runahead: Disabled

Display Settings
Show Messages Checked (if a savestate is used, we'll know)
VSync Unchecked

Enhancement Settings
Force NTSC Timings (60hz-on-PAL) Unchecked (PAL speed should be PAL speed and not adjusted by the emulator)

You can check the current date of your version via the General Settings in the Automatic Updater section (2021-01-11), and then post that in your description.

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DuckStation version 2021-05-23 or later can now be used for Emulator runs for Fast Disc Speed (FDS).
With the new Emulator category, you can run SDS (Standard Disc Speed) or FDS. FDS allows for super fast loads, next to no frame drops/in-game lag, and an overall better experience.

You can only use DuckStation version 2021-05-23 or newer for this, as this has a Seek Speedup feature that enhances load times. No other emulator can compete with this. If you wish to use other emulators, you will have to run at SDS.

The following settings are required for FDS run submissions:

Console Settings:
- Enable Clock Speed Control (Overclocking/Underclocking): 600% (203.21MHz) - You can run this lower if need be on lower end systems.
CD-ROM Emulation:
- Read Speedup: 2x (Quad Speed)
- Seek Speedup: 10x

All other settings default.

An example run showing off this can be found here:

Please note: Turbo use is an on-going discussion as of July 2, 2021, and it currently banned. This was used in this run for testing purposes only.

As with all emulator runs, please post your version of DuckStation in your description and whether you are using SDS or FDS. Leaving this information out may result in your run being rejected.

Any questions, feel free to ask.

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Retroarch with the Beetle PSX core ( 9589ddd or later) is now allowed for Standard Disc Speed emulation. The following settings are required. While in theory Beetle could be used for Fast Disc Speed emulation, it cannot compete with DuckStation's speed in this context.

• CPU Dynarec: Disabled (Beetle Interpreter) [Default]
• Cycles: 128 (Default)
• CPU Frequency Overclock: 100% (Native)
• GTE Overclock: Disabled
• GPU Overclock: 1x (native)
• Skip Bios: Disabled
• Access Method: Synchronous
• Loading Speed: 2x (native)
• PAL (European) Video Timing Override: OFF
Recommended: Keep PGXP Disabled