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learning any% and got up to and including wolf 2, after I skipped the fight, I am not able to use the elevator when I have to, what causes this and how do I prevent it from happening again? I am on PC in case that helps


Which elevator are you referring to specifically? The one in the Communications Tower, or the one after the Blast Furnace that leads to the Warehouse?

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communications tower


Well there's no point to going back. So I'm pretty sure it's supposed to do that. idk though, never went back after wolf 2.


^ This. You are of course supposed to be able to go back, but it's possible that using the speedrun route messes with flags in such a way that makes the game think you haven't activated the elevator, such as the initial skip.

If you absolutely must backtrack for some reason, you could always use a cardboard box in the back of the truck in the Snowfield.

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The elevator woks on the psx version even if you do the speedrun route (I tested it and you can see it in other runs) so maybe the issue is the PC version but I'm not entirely sure


since there seems to be confusion, I did a run up to the elevator I need to go up to show what I mean


went to the video where the comm tower b glitch was first shown, found a comment with the same problem with no fix. I guess RIP pc modo for any%


ya the elevator door gate is only present in the PC version of the game, PSX, PSP, and PS3 versions all work fine including integral editions of the game. Unfortunately any% isn't possible on PC only All Bosses.

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Yeah I discovered this issue when the PS1 route was finalised by Magnum since I did all the theoretical testing on PS1 with walk through walls.

I'm 99% sure this is some sort of Windows compatibility problem similar to this:

I didn't think about it previously but today I did some testing. It's either modern Windows or those "fixed" exes people are using to run on modern Windows. Steps I did on different playthroughs:

Test 1:
1. Trainer to give myself cardboard box c and going straight to snowfield, elevator is messed up without doing any skips.

Test 2:
1. Torture glitch
2. Get to stinger room using the PS1 route
3. Beat Hind D with trainer
4. Climb down the stairs and use elevator, it opens and usable
5. Instead of going down though, go straight out back to where the Stinger is and go back in
6. The elevator door is closed again and won't open aka softlock

6 has to be a bug and why I think it's a compatibility issue. Imagine if a normal player calls the lift and doesn't go down, they are softlocked. Ofcourse this might be some side effect of skipping stuff I didn't consider but probably not. I guess to be 100% sure you would need to play the game legit and repeat steps 4-5 and see if the elevator softlock still happens.

I'm not really that invested to do that right now but anyone is welcome to try. I'd love to know what the game does. If it is still messed up, the solution would be something like an actual proper Windows 98 Virtual Machine or something to rule out compatibility problems.

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I had a look around more and stumbled across an in game "dev menu".

"start the game with msg.exe -cheatenable in the command line. Then in game use the following codes"

It's debatable if this would actually be kosher but my idea would be:

1. Keep the PS1 route up until you skip Wolf
2. Instead of going back, press backspace + 5 and give yourself the Stinger

Obviously you would still get the PSG-1 and Nikita like normal, you just do this to combat the port problems as outlined in Test 2: 5 and 6.

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I got it working! No cheats or anything, a tad out of the way solution but 100% legit now! Video soon!