Glitches and Extras

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This is something I wrote for someone getting into MGS Large Skips for the first time. This is by no means a complete guide, but an overview of some things I do, with some explanations of the glitches.

Side thing 1: Extra Grenades

After I get out of the cargo elevator and skip all the cutscenes/codec calls, I wait for the lights to pass in order to grab the chaff, and throw it to grab the stun on the left had side. This is for safety and is not necessary as shown by how Slade and Seph do it.

Glitch 1: Vent Glitch

This is by and far the easiest glitch. The rest aren't too hard, but this one is consistently easy. Basically when you get to the vent by the ladder you need to position snake facing left while crawling so that the lower half of snake is in the vent while the upper half is out. Then you go into first person view by hitting triangle. While holding triangle, hold up on the d-pad, to the point that the camera can't go any further. Then let go of triangle and d-pad and immediately press X. It really is easy, but it may take a few tries to get consistent.

Side thing 2: Catwalk Stun Grenades

When you finally repel down the Tower, you will be greeted by a bunch of soldiers waiting to fill you full of lead. In order to throw the stuns and not get hit, you have to do a little maneuver that has a bit of RNG involved. I find my luck is better served when I grab the ammo from the left, and the C4 from the right, in that order. Then I hug the left hand side of the catwalk and throw the first grenade when I step over the first line of the catwalk. This line is one of the panels that span the entirety of the cat walk. Then when I hear the gunshots I break in a diagonal, and then break left after the bullets pass. It’s a bit tricky to get right the first couple times, and RNG can throw you for a loop, but it is pretty consistent.

Glitch 2: Weapons Glitch

This glitch is a bit tricky, and is used to skip the hind and elevator 1 fights, as well as Wolf 2 but that’s a bit later. All you have to do is place a C4 in the corner after activating the cut scene that shows snake looking at the destroyed staircase after repelling down the side of the tower. Then you want to crawl and position snake at the base of the stairs. This is so that you are damaged by the C4 when you blow it up, but not so damaged that you lose a lot of health. With the C4 placed, you will want to switch to the keycard or ration (depending on if your health is low), and equip the chaff in the weapons slot. So now you have C4 placed, Chaff in one hand, Keycard (or ration) in the items slot, and you are laying prone while close enough to the C4 to get damaged, but far enough that you don't get completely annihilated from the blast. Now the trick here is to blow yourself up, wait 1/2 a second, and then quick unequip the keycard by hitting L1, and then immediately hold triangle to go into first person, and spam R1 and rotate the Left thumbstick as much and as fast as you can. If done right, switching to the Stinger will cause the game to show no weapon in the weapons slot, and it will look like snake is holding a chaff. From here you run all the way up the stairs until the camera switches to a different view near the door you entered from. Then you hold the button to throw the chaff grenade, and hold it the whole time until it blows up in snakes hand. This will cause the game to skip the two fights, but you will want to time it so that you blow yourself up right before the invisible trigger which starts up a cutscene just below the door you entered from. It's a bit difficult to follow in text, so watch a Slade run for this part to see the exact timing he does when running back up the stairs after blowing himself up. This is insanely difficult the first few times to get right. I would recommend running to this point and saving before you set down the C4 so you can kill snake and continue easily. So here is a more simplified and easier to follow step-by-step that starts after repelling and dodging the soldiers:

1. Make sure to grab the Stinger after the catwalk

2. Head right as soon as you exit the door

3. Go all the way down the spiral stairs until you hit the cutscene

4. Place C4 along right hand side of the landing

5. Position Snake on left hand side of landing, and go prone

6. Equip both Chaff grenade and Keycard (or ration if health is needed)

7. Press O to blow up the C4

8. Wait maybe ½ a second after getting damaged

9. Almost simultaneously press (Don’t hold) L1 and HOLD Triangle

10. Then Circle the Left analogue stick as many times as you can and spam R1

11. Let go after 2-3 seconds

12. Switch to the Stinger (If the stinger disappears and it looks like Snake is holding a grenade, then move to next step, if not, reload)

13. Run all the way up the stairs

14. When the camera changes to the angle when snake first enters this area, immediately hold square.

15. Run as fast as you can left past the door and go down

16. You want to make sure snake blows up with the Chaff in his hand BEFORE hitting the trigger, which is about half way down the hallway left of the elevator.

17. If done correctly, you can go right, and up these stairs

18. Be cautious of the first camera as the chaff is close to being depleted, and you will have to throw 3 more for the subsequent cameras, but you can squeak by if you’re fast enough and lucky enough.

Glitch 3: Weapons Glitch 2

This is almost identical to the first weapons glitch, but with the added risk of possibly getting shot by wolf. Make sure to equip your ration and C4, then, trigger the wolf fight by stepping out into the field and getting ‘shot.’ After the cutscene is done immediately place the C4, and run a bit to the left, go prone, and perform steps 7-11, but this time switch to the PSG1 and run forward as fast as you can to hit the trigger. This will skip the Wolf 2 fight, and then you will have to backtrack to the elevator and grab the Stinger that you already grabbed from after the Catwalk AGAIN!

Apart from all those, the rest is pretty straightforward. Raven is a matter of position and timing, but it’s easily explained when watching a run. Basically you want to get near the bottom right corner of the stack of boxes to the left of where you spawn, then wait a few seconds and shoot the Nikita when he gets to the bottom most left corner of the map and move the missiles as little as possible so that the invincibility never runs out. He’ll be stun locked making the fight very easy.

Liquid has a stunlock, but it is very tricky. You have to position him in a way that prevents your fall, and also keeps him close enough to you to allow for the punch punch only combo.

If you have any questions, or need some guidance, drop me a PM on twitch.