Ocelot - [EASY]

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16 seconds from “draw!” to the last shot fired. He never reloads and I don’t chase him more than I need to. If you’re having trouble with Ocelot this is the safest way to fight him effectively. You want to be looping him, chasing ocelot is a no no.

If you’re a little more advanced this is the BEST ocelot possible on easy

I personally hold X and Square when I enter loading zone. X skips the cutscenes but also holding it with square allows me to have my weapon ready basically immediately to get the first shot off. I run to the pillar till ocelot shouts draw I run at him firing asap again, then a 3 shot behind baker to loop. Ocelot won’t loop until he’s been hit 3 times. And you need 8 bullets to kill him, so if you have less than that after guard rush grab some in armoury. If you’re good enough at looping you can grab a box while he counters and still keep up the loop but you then haven’t had a perfect ocelot in theory, but it’s much faster than getting ammo in armoury.