Mantis Phase Skip

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Physco Mantis Phase Skip Strategy

During the Mantis fight, Meryl is possed a total of 3 times.

First time: When you enter the Commander Room, throw a stun and while you wait grab SOCOM (ration if required) and FAMAS ammo on your right. Skip cutscenes and wait for the “HIDEO” black screen. When this is ongoing, change your controller port.

Then difficulty depending, shoot mantis:

EASY: 7 or 8 times

Normal: 9 times (for PC you need to shoot him 11 times, I don’t know why).

Hard: 16 times

Extreme: 20 times (24 for PC)

After you’ve achieved the required number of shots, throw a grenade at Mantis. You should notice mantis will begin to possess Meryl for the second time, but she will collapse immediately and he will go to the third phase where she tries to shoot herself. Throw her once to move on.

Important notes:

For “Hard” and “Extreme” modes you will need to throw the grenade while doing a turn. You can practice this in many locations (armoury B2 Of tank hanger) before Ocelot for example. Doing so will stop Snake getting damaged by his own grenade. Worth learning on easy and normal but not essential.