Tower A Climb, All Stuns

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Pay attention to the #s on the landings of each flight.

1. Halfway up Flight 4 [SINGLE GUARD]
2. The Landing of Flight 9 (The Frozen Door) [DOUBLE]
3. Past the ration (when the grate disapppears) [DOUBLE]
4. 2nd guard of Flight 11 (halfway up the flight) [SINGLE]
5. Just before Flight 14 (as you are passing the guard) [DOUBLE]
6. Halfway up Flight 16 [SINGLE]
7. Halfway up Flight 23 [SINGLE]

Depending on how many stuns you pick up, you should or shouldn't do all of these. Cancelling the animation of your throw is also an option. The most obvious ones to quick throw are the first and last guards.

Unless you pick up the optional stun pack on the helipad, you won't have this many stun grenades for Any%. You'll have 5 as you climb up the tower. I recommend stunning for 2, 3, and/or 5; quick throw the rest of the guards to conserve. You need AT LEAST one stun grenade to get past the walkway guards after rappel.