All Bosses Console Tutorial

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Additional notes for the tutorial are below. This tutorial is outdated and will be improved in the wiki.

A correction - codec calls are NOT faster to mash through on the Japanese version.

Hold L1, R1, L2, R2, Select and Start at the same time to reset the game.

Memory manipulation (on the helipad) to not have to select chaff grenades in inventory and instead use R1 can be done with a save. You can also have the card equipped to save on menuing after the guards.

FAMAS is optional.

That tank angle usually succeeds. You can do it no matter the exact position of the tank, as long as you stand positioned and angled the proper way.

The Extreme Tank requires a different line than the other difficulties; it is more precise.

A safe method for the tank is picking up claymores in the minefield and using them to disable the tank's treads.

You can pick up the FAMAS before/after Gray Fox, in the room closest to the elevator in the gas hallway.

The safety strategy coming back through the canyon (to pick up the PSG-1) is to hug the left wall of the canyon.

A safe way to make sure you don't trip lasers in the Armory is to crawl until you hit the wall.

To shift weight in first person, press L1 or R1.

The crane only takes one stinger, you can wall cling past the broken crane.

A backup strategy for Vulcan (on Easy or Normal) is to run at him and throw grenades. As you take the damage of his mini-gun, continue to drop grenades at his feet. Alternatively, you can drop C4 at his feet and detonate.

There is a possibility the PAL Key is in the drainage ditch. It seems rare though and affected by factors I do not know. If the rat never shows up, then check the ditch.

If you aren't going for Rank 1, you can run straight to the room temperature computer. You'll get an alert on the fade out, but it's faster. Ditto with cold temperature

You can use stun grenades in the second phase of REX to blind Liquid.

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