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I am surprised that this category isn't included. Considering the fact you can select and directly fight bosses in MGR why not make category for that ?


Hello, I dont think there is a very high demand or use for something like this which would mean there would probably be a maximum of one run for it and its just clutters up the leaderboards even more.

I also think the skillcap is rather low here, good players will most likely get the same bosstimes over and over with very minimal variance because there is very little optimization when you just do the strats right (and they arent very hard to do to begin with)
Realistically Armstrong is the only boss that would show a "bigger" difference due to it prolly being the hardest one.

If you want to do a run like that you could just do it for yourself, in the end you dont need a leaderboard or a little trophy next to your name for every little thing.

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