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I was looking at running one of these games, but I'm not sure whether to do the Redux or the original, is there much difference between the two? If so, is one much better than the other, and which one is better?


Also, does the load remover work, it doesn't look like it


Here are some differences relevant to speedrunning:
• Newer engine in Redux allows for sliding up slopes and objects on high framerates.
• Original has a stamina mechanic for sprinting so you can run out of breath.
• Weapon accuracy worse in original.
• Certain events are less scripted in the original (E.g. You have to hold down a key to turn valves instead of a fixed animation, some cutscenes are skippable but not so in Redux).
• Some levels have been combined in Redux. This means that it is possible to do skips like the one in Alley, whereas in original there are 2 separate levels that need to be completed.

So in summary, there is no clear winner but it's just preference really. The original is the less scripted, more atmospheric version of the game, but Redux is more available (still sold on steam) and possibly runs more smoothly on modern PCs. Ideally you could try both and just see which you prefer the feel of, as there are many subtle differences between the two.

There are load removers for both games that should still work.