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Metal Gear Series Mods,

The Metal Gear MSX moderators are refusing to accept my run for no reason.
They claimed it was because I forced 60fps on a PAL game, which I have proven is not the case.

Please either override them and accept my run or remove them as moderators for the game.

Run: http://www.speedrun.com/run/9mr7lw7z
Forum thread asking for clarification: http://www.speedrun.com/Metal_Gear_MSX/thread/mufbj

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I would like to request that I become a moderator for MSX Metal Gear [1]. As the TASer for the game (MSX2 version), I am very familiar with the game. Even though I have not played the PS2 version (I plan on running the MSX2 version though), I have watched it enough to know the differences between versions.

I would like to help resolve this verification by doing timing comparisons against the current runs by running them side by side while watching for differences in game play. It appears that all PS2 runs submitted so far have been done on PAL, so there are plenty of videos to use. Because there is a controversy, I will post my decision reasons.

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