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This is file that stops all the cinematics from playing before and after levels that have them. (Like the beginning into and at the end of Lights Out). Now you can grind out IL's without sitting through unskippable cutscenes and makes timing end splits easier. *Note: I have messed with with other files in the same folder and have gotten more crashes... I haven't had enough time yet testing this file edit yet to know how stable it is...* To use this file unpack the rar file and drop "engine folder" into the main game folder... I also included a backup as well. (direct download)
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This allows you to start the first level without having to watch the starting cinematic every time. Replace the MissionList.txt in the GameInfo folder with this one. (direct download)
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The binds_pc.cfg file configured for the XBOX 360 Controller (Updated mapping to be able to reproduce all glitches available.) (direct download)
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