using save when a level looping fail
3 years ago

hello, I wondering something, sometimes when you do a glitch to skip a level, if you fail, you can get trapped.. and the only thing you can do to prevent that is to save, and then quit and load your game to retry the level, so i wanna know, is this ok for a speedrun? does this make it still legit to submit it here?

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Save before the level? I don't see an issue so long as you load the same save you created. The time you spent loading would be a part of the time though. I'm referring to the games saving mechanism and not save states to clarify.

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okay thanks for your answer, yeah I talke about games saving, I just wanna be sure about this point if one day I need to use it I prefer to know it's legit, thanks again for the answer

Vermont, USA

Oh whoops. I meant to respond to you, Ju_raw.

Are there any loops/glitches in particular you're still having problems with, by the way?


well normally I do all of them well, but sometimes I fail them, like being behind the railway track in the time device, or behing in the wrong place in the gost ship, or more harder, failing the fact to run on the hedge on the asylum ground, and behind trapped in the level.

honestly it don't happen a lot to me, but I just needed clarification on this point as long as I saw someone doing it on a youtube video :)

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