Hey, I'd like to start an IL section for this game, as it lends itself better to individual level runs rather than full ones. I have a few times already and would like to start populating it.

I propose a rule for ILs as well. The level must be started clean through level select. The idea is that someone should not be able to play the level before and use the carry-over ammo in the next level. This will make running ILs less tedious, as well as make it truly an "individual level" run, rather than two levels ran in tandem.


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On the subject of IL runs:

The timer is consistent, it seems, as long as every run is either quit out after dying consistently OR dying in the level and replaying the level like that. The latter is faster and wastes less time and might be the better way to go about timing the levels. I believed that the former would help stop previous level's ammo and guns from transferring over, but it's still possible. Not sure what the rules should be anymore and any suggestions would be appreciated.