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Can i have a discord invite im learning Mirror's edge and excited to run 🙂

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"Prisoner 6-2-7, I'm coming for you, Makarov."


Could i maybe get a invite link?


People are only added to the discord once they're fairly established and have some runs completed, this is just to stop the server getting filled with unnecessary people.


I'm starting to get back into running ME, could I have an invite? I'm mostly a lurker, so I'll only say things when they actually have some value.


Hey ZooKetra,

I appreciate the info. Can I ask what you mean by "fairly established"? I've made a couple of run submissions now and I'm wondering if that's enough; if not, I'll keep practicing!



To be fairly established, talk to different streamers and offer to help in community events. You have to show you're invested and in turn the connections you need to become established will form with helpful runners.


H..hey i speedrun medge on ps3 and i wouldnt mind if id get invite ofcourse im not saying you have to but give it if you want


Would also like to know who to turn to to ask for an invite once I'm good enough