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Is there an updated link to the autosplit program? I have the livesplit file but it appears I need another program and the link on leads to a 404 page.


It is all built into livesplit now.


Are there settings I have to change because it starts the first split but never splits into the prologue loading split.


Go to "settings" and check everything except the last one (The last one is optional it creates a split in the middle of a long chapter). Set the Load Removal Timing Method to "Game Time"


I did that but it still stays under the training split and doesn't split to the next one when I move on.


You only need 10 splits, One per chapter. Having 52 is a nuisance


I am having the same problem, how did u figure it out


this isn't really a problem, more of a setup I cannot make.
I just installed ME for PC (I was playing PS3 until now), and managed to get the autosplit to work. Though, is it possible to have it on screen while playing ?
I play on a laptop and I don't have another screen, and I'm not streaming, I just want the timer to be over the game when I play.
Is that even possible ?

thank you if anyone knows.


Hey Isenlyn,

As far as I know, no, it's not possible to keep the LiveSplit program on top of the game when it's fullscreen.

There are two solutions to this:
1. Get a second monitor

2. You could try playing the game on windowed, although if you don't have a good computer/laptop screen your results may vary. I'd give it a try. You can download it here: https:/​/​www.​moddb.​com/​downloads/​mirror/​76040/​120/​bcea3916fa24e6a3958081fca4f2b1a7

Otherwise, unfortunately you'll have to depend on feel. The case with this game however, is that you can usually feel when you're on a good run. I shouldn't worry too much about it.

Hope this helps