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Hey all,

I finished my visual run guide following Hardpelicn's 1:28:27 (Real-time) run.

Just figured this would help anybody who's trying to learn the route.

It features maps for each section and has links to all the relevant Youtube videos for how to do the various tricks used in the run.

EDIT: This route is still valid for the new No Major Glitches category, as it doesn't feature Shine Spark Clip, Ledge Warp, Camera Lock, or Invulnerability glitch. As of 10/31/2021, this route is still valid.

EDIT 2: I removed the google doc link from this post, as it was old. I've linked to the guide page instead, since that's where I'll keep it updated, and I don't want to update it twice. I just originally posted it here, because I didn't have a verified run yet, and was unable to put it in the actual guide section.

As always, I'll check this post from time to time, but if you have any issues, I will respond much faster on Discord. (Rahlekk#9182, I'm in the Dread speedrunning discord, so you can @ me there or just messaged me)

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Could you add this to the guides tab here on

I know there's already a similar route in there, but this one includes the early Corpius pseudowave and has larger maps which makes certain sections easier to see from a glance.

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This guide helped me learn the route pretty fast when supplementing it with HardPelicn's run. Just stopping by to say thank you!

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Hey Codiferus, I'm unable to add it to the guides tab, but will try to reach out to a Moderator to see if that can be done, although I know they are super swamped with runs, so it may be a while.

Glad that people are finding this useful. With the new No Major Glitches category, this guide is still up to date.

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Just wondering why this is being removed? I understand that the Any% route has changed, but I was using this for NMG as a practice template before I studied runs as i have absolutely no interest in running using things like the warps and invincibility 🙁


Hey @jerryb216jerryb216 if you look at the guides section there's a guide by this same poster. As far as I know it's the very same guide. Also if the old guide hasn't been removed yet you can always copy to guide to your own google docs, there just won't be any updates made to it (not that I think the NMG route will change much)

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Yeah the Google doc just said it was in the users trash and would be deleted. Wasn't sure if there was an updated version or something.
I was just sad to see it go because NMG is my favorite to run at the moment.

Edit: (I did make a copy as the maps and explanations are great for learning the route. Vods are nice but hard to follow)

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Ah apologies. I have made some edits to the google doc pages, so the one originally linked in this forum post was deleted. The one in the guide section is actually the same exact guide as before.

I edited the top post to link to the guide section of where I also posted this instead, because that is where I will update the Google Doc links in the future, if needed.

I was just messing with formatting, and making sure it was on my Google account that doesn't expose my real name.

@jerryb216jerryb216 This guide is still accurate for Any% NMG category, to the best of my knowledge, so you still should be able to use it!

Also, just as another point, the All Bosses category is generally "glitch-free" right now as well, if you were interested in running that.

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@RahlekkRahlekk Cool, I figured it was an update or something. Your guide puts all the needed vods in one place, and your maps are awesome references while I am actually playing.
Hella good work putting it all together