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Hello, I just rush the hard mod and realise something, in the final fight on the phase 2 of the boss (when he fly) with 87 missile and using the storm missile I run out of missile before the phase 3, so I try using the simple missile and I triger the fase 3 with 10-15 missile left, the storm missile deal less damage than the simple missile ?

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At that point, Storm Missiles deal 150 damage per mini-missile/ammo (x3 per target for 450), while the standard Ice Missile deals 400 damage each shot.
Storm Missiles are not worth using on Raven Beak.


Where are you getting this info from?


He's on emulator and folks on the Discord have already dug into the game's code. They have things like damage and enemy HP display, etc


Is there a document listing the damage values for different weapons and beams? I'd be very curious to know how much damage a Power Bomb does over however many ticks, or how quickly you'd need to mash the Plasma Beam to keep up with Ice Missile damage output

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Thanks a lot! That seems to rate storm missiles at 300, rather than 450, but otherwise that's exactly the information I wanted


The data on that spreadsheet was extracted from the game binaries, which is why the names are changed, and it doesn't match every situation in the game where damage reductions are common and vary a lot. A vast majority of it is correct, but there's mismatches here and there and it's not going to have everything. It also says charge is 3x damage, but it did 4x in a few of my tests. It hasn't been updated since launch and probably won't be since that's simply what was available in the game binaries. It'll help get an idea for where base values were placed internally, but any significant test basically needs to be done manually while monitoring live HP values, because it could be a situation like Raven Beak where it reduces damage in like 10 different ways depending on what you're using in which situation.

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