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Hi !
I don't know if it's a known issue or not, but I found a weird crash that happens during the escape sequence. At first I thought it was just a random crash, but it has happened 4 times now and I'm still not sure why. The only thing that I know is that it always happens in that room: (the one with the red cursor in the middle)
The crash had happened before 1.0.2 got released, so I don't think the crash is new. I tried to replicate it to find why it crashed, but to no avail, and the only times it happened were during runs when I least expected it (I lost 4 good PB to that crash)
Anyone else got that issue ? And if so, do you know why it happens and how to avoid it ?


This one's been being seen by a lot of top runners for sure - I've seen it on Karterfreak, Bdog and ReaderMorgan personally. Karter's had it happen both by laying a power bomb and using beam, but tends to find the Power Bomb is worse. Beyond that... just pray.

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I have had this crash happen once myself. On your 4 crashes did you lay a power bomb each time? I think it happens if you lay a powerbomb and then run into an enemy in the room at the same time as the explosion goes off but Im not 100% sure.

Heres a video of when I had it crash on me. It looks like I ran into the enemy at the same time the explosion would have killed him maybe? Not sure though


Yeah now that you mention it, I think it may have been because of the power bomb, but it must be a really weirdly specific case, cause I was never able to reproduce it outside of runs. But just to be sure I'm gonna stop laying power bombs there XD