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In an effort to improve my personal speedruns, I started to create a visual guide based on Samura1man's tutorial series -

I have finished majority of the first 2 episodes and looking for some feedback before I continue. I am willing to share the Photoshop originals once I am done btw.

Any recommendations would be appreciated before I finalise all the episodes.

Map source:
Format inspiration: bunnybisbyclyde's guide from Guides section

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I completed all the images for the entire series. As promised, all PNG and PSD files now also shared.

PS: If you don't have Photoshop, I recommend using to view the PSD files. Click Window > Layer Comps to switch between the views.

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Just looking at the PNGs
The one for charge beam to spider magnet doesn't show the route itself, only the points of interest

Otherwise, they all look really nice and clean 🙂
Would've been super useful to use while I was learning the route too haha, so good job!


Thanks for pointing that out! 🙂 The route was there in photoshop, just hidden for some reason.

Updated the files on Google Drive, should be good to go now. ;-)

It is quite handy just having this on my iPad in the background while I'm running and checking between Network stations and world travel what to do next. Especially those EMMI zones...